Welcome to 1Homes

One of the definitions of a “Home” as per the Merriam-Webster dictionary is, that, it’s not just a place where one resides but where one is relaxed and comfortable. However, the experience of a home purchase or home rental in India is generally perceived as anything but relaxed and comfortable. The general perception of the Indian Real Estate Sector is that it is rampant with Incomplete information, mis-selling by intermediaries, and loaded with a barrage of misleading information. 1Homes intends to be that cog in the real estate ecosystem that inspires transparency and earnestness.

1Homes has been incorporated with a single-minded focus –Complete and Crystal-Clear Information to be provided to all parties, along with the best Transactional Guidance in order to achieve a Wholesome Experience

Our vision at 1Homes is to be a portal that inspires confidence, by giving complete and truthful information, to all related parties; and eventually be part of a Real Estate world where anyone can fully transact via the portal itself with minimalistic need for human interaction

1Homes intends to create a culture that is driven by respect, transparency, collaboration and direct feedback. We exist to ensure maximum and relevant information is available to all parties at any given point of time. We absolutely hate slow moving and opaque organizations but are absolutely eager to work with New Age Realtors that strive to be more consumer centric.